Ref: W2008U

Stairwell Tower

£66 £55 ex. VAT
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Ideal for painting & decorating stairwells

Decorating or carrying out maintenance on stairways can be difficult but with our range of Stairwell Towers you can is easily erect, and provide a secure, stable working platform to easily access those hard to reach areas.

Designed for convenience 

The tower is erected using 'walk-through' sections at base level and this allow easy access from both ends of the stairwell tower when erected, a feature that is particularly important on narrow and domestic staircases.?? 


  • Easy access from both sides of the stairwell unit to the platform is provided by a âwalk through ladder frameâ. Simply walk through the frame and climb up the ladder.
  • This frame design solves the access problems experienced on narrow and domestic staircases.
  • Integrated access frame so access on the staircase can still be obtained.

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