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Most Recent Products
      Double Width Tower
      Fibreglass Tower – Various Base Sizes Available
      Narrow Width Tower
      Podium Tower
      Stairwell Tower
      Combination Ladder
      Double Extension Ladder
      Ladder Safety Foot
      Roof Ladder
      Treble Extension Ladder
      Boom & Scissor Lifts
      Personnel Lift
      Acrow Props
      Super Props
      Trench Struts
      Handrail System
      Scaffold Boards
      Staging Boards
      Fibreglass Steps
      Step Ladders
      10mm Angle Drill
      13mm Angle Drill
      Heavy Breaker
      Hydraulic Breaker
      Light-Medium Breaker
      Medium Breaker
      Cordless Drill 24V-36V
      Cordless Drill 9.6V-12V
      Cordless Drill 14V-18V
      Core Cutter
      DD130 Diamond Drilling Rig
      DD200 Diamond Drilling Rig
      Diamond Drill – Handheld
      Mixing Drill
      Combi Hammer Drill
      2Kg Sds Hammer Drill
      4Kg Sds Hammer Drill
      Percussion Drill
      Needle Gun
      Magnetic Drill & Stand
      Floor Polisher
      Floor Scrubber / Dryer
      Fuel Drum Spill Tray
      Cold Pressure Washer – Diesel
      Cold Pressure Washer – Electric
      Cold Pressure Washer – Petrol
      Spill Kit
      Vacuum Cleaner – Single Motor
      Vacuum Cleaner Wet & Dry – Twin Motor
      Dust Extractor – Large
      Dust Extractor – Small
      Fume Extractor
      Carpet Cleaner
      Floor Cleaning Tool
      Compacting Plate - Diesel
      Compactor Plate - Petrol
      Compactor Plate - Reversible Diesel
      Trench Rammer
      Vibrating Roller – Single Drum
      Vibrating Roller 80cm - Twin Drum Ride On
      Vibrating Roller 1200cm - Twin Drum Ride On
      Air Breaker - Heavy
      Air Breaker – Light
      Air Breaker - Medium
      Air Poker
      Compressor Hose
      Floor Scabbler
      Hand Scabbler
      Pole Scabbler
      Air Compressor – Electric
      Compressor – Four Tool
      Compressor – Single Tool
      Compressor - Two Tool
   Floor Grinder
   Floor Saw
   Surface Grinder
   Test Cube Mould
      Poker Vibrator - Electric
      Poker Vibrator - High Frequency
      Poker Vibrator - Petrol
      Floor Scabbler
      Concrete Mixer - Diesel
      Concrete Mixer - Electric
      Concrete Mixer - Petrol
      Forced Action Mixer
      Mortar Mixer
      Beam Screeder - Petrol
      Easy Float
      Power Float
   Bolt Croppers
   Diamond Tile Saw
   Metal Shears
   Tile Cutter – Manual
   Wall Chaser
      Angle Grinder 230mm
      Angle Grinder 300mm - Electric
      Angle Grinder 300mm - Petrol
      Cut Off Saw 350mm
      Mini Grinder 115mm
      Bench Saw 350mm
      Mitre Crosscut Saw 254mm
      Flipover Saw
      Mitre Crosscut Saw 216mm
      Block Splitter - Hydraulic
      Block Splitter - Manual
      Bridge Tile Saw 200mm
      Bridge Tile Saw 350mm
      Floor Grinder
      Arbor Saw
      Band Saw
      Circular Saw
      Door Trimming Saw
      Reciprocating Saw
      Reciprocating Saw 24 Volt
   Carpet Stretcher
   Hot Air Gun
   Tyrolean Gun
   Wallpaper Stripper
      Mini Digger 0.8 Ton
      Mini Digger 1.5 Ton
      Mini Digger 3 Ton
      Dumper 1 Ton
      Dumper 3 Ton
      Power Barrow
      Skidsteer Loader
   Cartridge Gun
   Impact Wrench – Electric
   Screw Gun
      Nail Gun - Paslode IM250
      Nail Gun - Paslode IM350
      Stapler - Electric
      Stapler - Paslode IM200
   Bitumen Boiler
   Floor Stripper - Self Propelled
   Floor Tile Lifter
   Floor Grinder
      Flame Gun - 2 Prong
      Flame Gun - 3 Prong
      Flame Gun - 4 Prong
      Flame Gun - Single Prong
      Finishing Sander
      Floor Edger
      Floor Sander
      Hedge Trimmer - Petrol
      Strimmer - 2 Stroke
      Garden Roller
      Lawnmower – Petrol
      Rotavator 5hp - Petrol
      Rotovator 8hp – Petrol
      Turf Cutter
      Wheel Barrow
      Post Hole Borer - 2 Stroke
      Post Hole Borer - Manual
      Leaf Blower
      Air Conditioning Unit
      Air Cooler - Industrial
      Portable Fan - 500mm
      3kw Infrared Heater
      3kw Industrial Fan Heater - Electric
      Cabinet Heater
      Space Heater
      3kw Ceramic Heater - Electric
      Dehumidifier - Large
      Dehumidifier - Small
      DPC Injection Kit
   Cable Rollers
   Toe Jacks
   Sack Barrow
   Pallet Truck - Battery Powered
   Material Lifts
   Engine Hoist
   Cable Drum Jacks
   Plasterboard Lifter
   Bumpa Hoist
   Builders Gantry
   Machine Skates
   Block And Tackle 1-3 Ton
   Beam Trolley
   Trolley Jack
   Triple Head Glass Lifters
   Scaffold Hoist
   Beam Clamp
   Self-Tipping Forklift Skip
   Flat Bed Truck
   D Shackles
   Counter Balance Material Lift
   Concrete Skip
   Block Cart
   Gin Wheel & Rope
   Kerb Lifter
   Slab Lifter
   Rubbish Chutes
   Rough Terrain Pallet Truck
   Pallet Truck
   Mobile Aluminium Gantry
   Material Lift Roust-A-Bout
   Lifting Strops
   Chain Blocks 1-3 Ton
   Fitters Bench With Vices
   Soil Pipe Cutter
   Pipe Vice Stand
   Drain Cleaner
   Pipe Test Kit
   Cobra Wheel
   Pipe Freezing Kit
   Drain Rods
   Reciprocating Saw
   Reciprocating Saw 24 Volt
      Pipe Bender
      Hydraulic Pipe Bender
      Pipe Threader - On Stand
      Pipe Threader - Handheld
      Pressure Test Bucket
      Receder Die Head
   Plasterers Light
   Carry Light
   Contractor Light
   Festoon Light
   Lighting Tower - Road Tow
      Extension Lead 13amp - 240v
      Extension Lead 16amp - 110v
      Extension Lead 32amp - 110v
      2.4kva Generator - Petrol
      5kva Generator - Petrol
      5kva Generator - Diesel
      20kva Generator Super Silenced – Road Tow
      Junction Box 32amp - 110v
      Junction Box 16amp - 110v
      3kva Transformer
      5kva Transformer
      10kva Site Transformer - Single Phase
   Pro Barrier
   Road Plate
   Road Signs
   Road Cones
   Gas Detector
   Ten Minute Escape Kit
   Fire Point Trolley
   Rescue Kit
   Roof Man Anchor
   Edge Protection
   Temporary Fence Panel
   Two Way Radio - Pair
   Fall Arrest
   Safety Harness
   Damp Meter
   Cat Detector
   Signal Generator
   Laser Level
   Dumpy Level
   Fuel Pump - Manual
   Submersible Pump
   Water Pump - Petrol
   Water Bowser
   Puddle Pump
   Fuel Bowser
   Inverter Welder
   Oxy-Acetylene Kit
   Mig Welder 185amp
   Flipover Saw
   Mitre Crosscut Saw 216mm
   Power Plane
   Biscuit Joiner
   Palm Sander
   Door Saw
   Orbital Sander
   Disc Sander
   Belt Sander
   Mitre Crosscut Saw 254mm
   Arbor Saw
   Band Saw
   Circular Saw
   Door Trimming Saw
   Reciprocating Saw
   Reciprocating Saw 24 Volt
   Finishing Sander
   Floor Edger
   Floor Sander
   Nail Gun - Paslode IM250
   Nail Gun - Paslode IM350
   Stapler - Electric
   Stapler - Paslode IM200

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   Executive Hire Show - Launches Date 12th 13th Of Feb 2014