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Floor Scabbler

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For cleaning floors and taking off imperfections.

Fitted with tungsten carbide tipped heads or hardened steel flails (beam flails), this air powered floor scabbler will successfully remove deteriorating concrete and laitence without damaging the below substrate.


  • Braking up soft or brittle surfaces and coatings to leave a resilient surface
  • Removing coatings and surfaces to prepare the floor for re-finishing / painting
  • Removing compacted deposits, such as grease, ice, food waste, excrement.
  • Removing brittle thermoplastic road markings or painted lines.
  • Roughening polished aggregates on asphalt surface to improve skid resistance.
  • Roughening concrete surfaces for a non-slip finish.
  • Removing rust, scale or paint from steel decks.
  • Used in the correct manner with the right cutter settings finishes can similar to a heavy duty shot blasting.

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