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Acrow Props

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Super strong support system that won’t let you down

These adjustable steel props, which are sometimes known as ‘acro props’, conveniently come in four different sizes and are specially designed to support a wide range of floors and temporary beams which allows you to get on with the job in complete confidence.

Lighter Prop that is just as strong

Manufactured from an outer tube of 60.3mm diameter and an inner of 4.83mm diameter and with a friction welded threaded portion to the outer tube it means that Acrow has produced an even lighter prop that is just as strong.
All the Acrow props meet current safety regulations and are tested to industry standards and can be used with additional attachments such as Strongboys.
Available in sizes from 1m – 4.9m


  • Ranging from 1m up to 4.9m.
  • Light but strong
  • Meet all safety regs


  • Floors
  • Walls 
  • Ceilings

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