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Rotavator 5hp - Petrol

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Powerful machine for rotavating gardens and allotments

A powerful machine for preparing large areas ready for planting, seeding and turfing.  Make easy work of preparing the ground ready for sowing, including in narrow rows between existing vegetables or perennials.

No extension leads needed

The 5hp petrol engine means you are not tied down to extension leads and plug sockets.

Digs in compost and fertilisers

Not only can you take unprepared ground and make it ready for planting, but the Rotovator will also help you dig in compost and soil improvers.


  • Makes easy work of preparing the ground for sowing
  • Works on narrow vegetable rows
  • Easy to rotovate around trees and perennials
  • Helps root out weeds
  • Digs in compost and fertilisers
  • Prepares new lawns for sowing and turfing


  • Preparing new lawns and flowerbeds
  • Rooting up perennial weeds
  • Preparing vegetable gardens and allotments

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