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Floor Grinder

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For levelling high spots and smoothing concrete floors.

This tough electric floor grinder is designed for use on concrete slabs to level, clean and smooth the surface, giving you a flat, professional concrete finish.

If you are looking to accurately grind large concrete floors or to remove old coatings and contaminates, then our Floor Grinders are the perfect solution.

There are a variety of brushes and grinding stones available for this versatile machine, depending on the job you are doing and the surface you are using the machine on. As you push this heavy duty unit along, the hard-wearing stones grind away at the concrete surface, removing any bumps, marks and imperfections to leave a flat and stable surface. 
Our floor grinders are fitted with large diameter wheels for excellent mobility and stability.


  • Clean and smooth surfaces
  • Professional concrete finishing
  • Versatile range of brushes and stones
  • Large wheels for increased stability

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