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Flame Gun – 3 Prong

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The fast way to burn large areas of dead grass

For burning large areas of dead grass and weeds.  Save yourself hours of pulling up dead grass and weeds by burning it and raking it away.  Also a good way to discourage the return of persistent deep-rooted weeds.

Burn away those weeds â chemical free

No chemicals required when you use this powerful 3 pronged flame gun to clear ground.  No chemicals required!  A truly eco-friendly way to clear the ground without the need for toxic chemicals.

Securing felt roofs through heat

The 3 Prong flame gun and be used on felt roofing on sheds and outbuildings.


  • No chemicals needed to taint your garden
  • Fast and thorough weed control
  • Efficient way to clear large areas of  dead grass and undergrowth
  • Takes the hard work out of clearing udenrrowth and weeds


  • Clearing dead grass and weeds
  • Securing felt roofing
  • Getting the upper hand with persistent weeds

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