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Diamond Tile Saw

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The professionals choice for accurate, safe cutting

The professionalテ「冱 choice: a portable tile-cutting machine, which uses a water-cooled diamond blade. This is ideal for cutting in bulk small wall and floor, ceramic, glazed and quarry tiles using a diamond tipped blade for accurate, quick and safe cutting?.テつ

High precision diamond cutting テ「 perfect for cutting in bulk

When it comes to cutting tiles in bulk, these bench tile saws are hard to beat, producing clean, accurate results in tiles of all types and size. Ideal for interior tiling, fast, accurate and dust free. The tables tilt to allow 45テつコ cutting. The heavy duty build quality and high specification engineering ensure these machines are ideal for the professionals and competent DIY enthusiasts.テつ


  • Built in rule & guide fence
  • Water-cooled diamond blade
  • Ideal for cuttingテつ
  • Diamond tipped blade for accurate, quick and safe cutting?
  • Dust free
  • The tables tilt to allow 45テつコ cutting


  • Small wall and floor tiles
  • Ceramic, glazed and quarry tilesテつ

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