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Cordless Drill 24V-36V

£25.20 £21 ex. VAT
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Smart and powerful

With 3 functions for drilling concrete, masonry, metal and wood. The  Cordless Drill 24v-36v is the number one choice for heavy weight drilling and screwing.

Robust solid build thatâs lightweight and portable

This drill is lightweight considering its power as well as being and cordless making it less tiring to use when tackling those hard to reach places and saves the need for having extension leads when working at height on a ladder or tower. The Cordless Drill 24v-36v is the most powerful drill we stock meaning it is powerful enough to tackle the most challenging of surfaces such as concrete and masonry with ease.

Low weight and rugged Hilti Lithium battery for high performance and long life

This drill has excellent battery life and performance meaning you can work for longer on just one charge. 

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