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Compactor Plate - Petrol

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Heavy duty compacting plate for large areas that require a large compacting force

Our range of Petrol Compactors are suitable for compacting demanding surfaces across a wide variety of materials, ranging from sand to hardcore and asphalt. When good compaction from a robust, heavy-duty plate is required this is the perfect choice. These professional tools will compact with high performance to achieve the specified material densities with improved speed and frequency.  

Powerful and strong yet easy to manoeuvre 

Smoothly run the machine in a wide range of field applications. Ideal for patching, pavement construction and levelling and with superior manoeuvrability these compactors are perfect for those areas where space is restricted and comfort handles help to reduce operator fatigue.
If you need assistance and advice on which Compactor to hire, then please call our team of experts.


  • Can cope with demanding surfaces
  • Robust, Heavy duty machine
  • High performance


  • Wide range of materials
  • Sand
  • Hardcore
  • Asphalt

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