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Cold Pressure Washer – Petrol

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3000 PSI high pressure washer for the tough dirty jobs

This powerful petrol pressure washer is designed as a heavy-duty cleaning solution for large-scale concrete, paving and brick areas. This robust, versatile machine provides a stand-alone cleaning solution. This pressure washer is suitable for on site or isolated cleaning solutions and can also be used as a patio cleaner.

Excellent power and reliability, for the easiest, most efficient cleaning solution

The petrol engine provides excellent power and reliability, removing the sustained amounts of hard labour from the cleaning process. Simply fill up the water tank or bowser, or connect the washer to a mains water supply, and the pressure washer pressurises the water to 3000 PSI. Combined with a degreasing agent, the high pressured water jet that the machine blasts out through the nozzle quickly and easily blasts away dirt, grime, oil and many other unwanted stains.

Large water drum to minimise refilling time

This pressure washer has a large drum that allows for plenty of water to be stored, providing you with enough water to get the job done efficiently, without the need to repeatedly refill the washer. 


  • Heavy-duty cleaning solution 
  • Robust, versatile machine 
  • Suitable for on site or isolated cleaning solutions 
  • Petrol engine provides excellent power and reliability
  • Pressurises water to 3000 PSI. 
  • Large drum that allows for plenty of water to be stored


  • Large-scale concrete
  • Paving and brick areas 
  • Patios
  • Brickwork
  • Masonry
  • Paving
  • ⦠and many other material

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