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Mini Grinder 115mm

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The best things come in little packages!

The Mini Grinder 115mm makes short work of tasks such as cutting through pipework, getting rid of rust or weld extrusions from metal or raking out mortar from old brickwork. Its compact size makes it ideal for work in constricted space and its small but powerful motor has enough power to tackle a whole range of jobs including grinding metal and stone.

Designed with you in mind

This robust little machine is versatile is powerful, robust, lightweight and handy and perfect for roughing, grinding and polishing. You get extra control from the dual-position side handle, a spindle lock makes accessory changing quick and easy and the lock-on switch helps with comfort and control.

Available with abrasive or diamond discs.



  • Compact size
  • Powerful motor
  • Versatile, robust and lightweight
  • Dual-position side handle
  • Available with abrasive or diamond discs.


  • Cuts through pipework 
  • Removes rust and weld extrusions from metal 
  • Rake out mortar from old brickwork
  • Can grind through metal and stone
  • Roughing, grinding and polishing.

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