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Angle Grinder 230mm

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Versatile and powerful unit

This versatile 230mm angle grinder is the perfect tool to use whilst working with metal or masonry. Whether cutting, grinding, cleaning or polishing, this angle grinder is a completely comprehensive tool for completing these jobs to a very high standard quickly and effortlessly. Fitted with an appropriate diamond or abrasive wheel, these are just some of the jobs our versatile, professional electric angle grinders can help you tackle. This robust angle grinder can provide the same efficiency and reliability in a more demanding industrial environment, so it is the ideal angle grinder for contractors. 

Cut up to 64mm in depth

This angle grinder is best used for facing work or other heavy-duty grinding and has a cutting depth of up to 64mm. A cordless portable tool like this is bound to make your life easier, as no matter where you are, you will be able to achieve top grinds and cuts at all times.
Available with abrasive or diamond discs. 


  • Versatile tool, for working with metal or masonry
  • Useful for cutting, grinding, cleaning or polishing
  • Cut up to 64mm in depth
  • Cordless portable tool 
  • Available with abrasive or diamond discs

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