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Air Poker

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Robust, professional Air Pokers quickly remove air pockets from concrete 

These robust vibrating air pokers use a powerful vibration level to efficiently remove pockets of air from freshly laid concrete slabs. So you can be confident your concrete is laid to the ultimate high-quality finish. Available in various sizes ranging from 25mm to 75mm in diameter these Pokers are designed to perform to a consistently high standard these professional grade tools excel in the demanding industrial environment. 

Ensure maximum strength and excellent consistency in concrete

The process of removing pockets of air from concrete using vibration ensures maximum strength and excellent consistency in the concrete. Concrete slabs treated with this vibrating poker are tougher and much more compact than non-treated slabs, so they last much longer and are less likely to crack and chip. 

Get FREE expert guidance on the right safety gear to hire for this equipent

These pokers are professional tools for use in demanding industrial environments so it is essential you wear appropriate safety equipment - including protective gloves and ear defenders. Rapid Hire can advise you on specific equipment and the right safety gear to use.


  • Improves Concrete strength and consistency
  • Available in a range of sizes 25mm to 75mm

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